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Pure 45+
Revolutionary supplement that enhances your health and longevity
  • Energy Levels Increase
  • Mood Swings Are Reduced, Mental Clarity Improves
  • Hunger Pangs, Cravings And Food Intake Become Less
  • Weight Loss/Weight Normalization For Those Underweight
  • Supports Detoxification
  • Improves Digestive Health
  • Improves Joints And Skin Health
  • Promotes Immune Functions
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Enhances general health, medical bills Reduced
Ensuring your body has the right essentials is key to preventing chronic diseases and long-term illnesses
Premium 30 -
Reverse Aging 30x
30 days of total protection with unmatched wellness
  • Total gut detox
  • Enhanced Deep sleep
  • Strengthened Bones and joints repair
  • Complete parasite purge from the body
  • Excellent collagen production
  • Full replenishment of silica
  • Consistent nutrient binder
  • Control blood pressure
  • Stable cardiovascular functions
  • Visibly better skin, nails, and hair health
For people looking to embark on a complete reverse aging journey.
Customers Reviews
Lily Chung
真的很喜欢Purebiokeyz ASP+, 可以任意添加在任何饮料,冷的热的都可以哦。 有帮助促进我的皮肤越来越健康,还有提升我的睡眠质量 真的 太好了 !
使用了一个星期我的皮肤气色明显变好 😍😍
Zhi lin
我的睡眠质量真的很糟糕尤其是每日的睡眠时间都不足6个小时😣 这个purebiokeyz产品帮助我加强免疫系统和提供高质量的睡眠,每日起床都精神满满也不再因为熬夜而容易生病luu~~~真的很需要它!如果你们也有和我一样的问题 推荐你们来试试看哦!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
还可以mix 其他饮料喝 蛮喜欢的 最怕就是味道怪怪的产品 可是这个就完全没味道 可以可以!而且喝了一段时间 真的有精神比较好 🥹😚
I am impressed with the results. It significantly improved my sleep quality, making me feel more refreshed and energized each morning. My joints feel stronger and less stiff, enhancing my workouts and daily activities. An added bonus is its ability to promote natural collagen production, leaving my skin looking better. Overall, this supplement is a fantastic addition to my wellness routine. Highly recommended!
产品很棒!服用七天以后一直困扰着我的失眠问题终于得到缓解💞小小一包也很好携带 已经推荐给身边的朋友了 !
Zi Yue
Xin Ying
被夸真的很开心 而且睡眠质量也有变好 再也不用担心半夜起床❤️
Yeah ! Finally sebelum ni rambut kering & skin saya kering, selepas 1 minggu, memang nampak kesan rambut dah tak kering & skin pon nampak lembab malah gebu2 gitewww, puas cari produk apa yang bagus macam2 dah try tapi tak menjadi ! akhirnya saya dapat jumpa juga ni , memang sangat2 recommend , Apa2 pon mmg berbaloi terima kasih sagt2 🙏🥹
After coming off the pill I have terrible hormonal breakouts so I was recommended the PURE Natural Collagen Booster and it changed my skin!! All of a sudden my breakouts and redness had wildly reduced after just 3 weeks!! I’ve attached some before and after pictures in hope these will help someone else with their skin journey!!
I cannot rave enough about this product!! Before I found Pure Biokeyz I was using random collagen powders that didn’t really do much for me. Within the first week of using a sachet of natural collagen booster in my coffee daily, my skin (usually very oily and prone to breakouts) has completely cleared up! I’ve been going without my daily foundation !!. I also have found that I am having much more energy daily and not “crashing” by 3pm. This product really is life changing and I recommend it to everyone!! The customer service is also fantastic. I had a few questions about the product (mainly difference between collagen booster and collagen powder) and the team at Pure Biokeyz were so information and kind in their response. Amazing company, well done! You have one happy customer :) if you’re on the fence, go ahead and buy this product you will not regret it!!
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Kiwi Weng Cheng Lei
I'm seeing the results already after taking it for two weeks. My nails are definitely way stronger than before. Also, I have acne-prone skin and this product actually starts to clear my skin. Looking forward to seeing more results from it! Both my boyfriend and I love how easy it can be mixed with any food and drinks (this product is tasteless!)
Kira Young
I’m not really into supplements but after seeing this product I was intrigued. I have been using this every day for 2 months and I found my nails became thick and strong especially as I do heavy lifting which usually breaks my nails and I haven’t had a breakage since using this powder. My hair has also become slightly thicker and stronger. My husband was so impressed with my results he has started using it as well and noticed his nails especially strong. Highly recommend and easy to drink each day with just water.
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Dyed my hair a dark chocolate brown color about 2 months ago, which was about the same time I started taking PURE. As I have been traveling for the past 3 months, I had no time to touch up my roots. I’m not sure if it because of PURE but my hair has grown 7cm within this time and I have crazy regrowth! In the past I didn’t really need to touch up because my natural hair color is quite dark anyway and I guess my hair grew quite slow. I have also noticed less hair fall-outs after I wash and brush my hair!
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Sean Borg
Whilst this product seems to be more for hair and skin, I found that it was more effective in cleansing my digestive system. I realized that do have to go to the toilet more often, but I felt less bloated and gassy and it did reduce the discomfort around my tummy area.
This is one of the few collagen boosters I have come across that is all natural and suitable for vegans as most collagen products out there contains shellfish and is safe as it is not highly processed. After having my third child my stretch marks around my tummy area were quite noticeable. I have been taking PURE for just over a year now and I can see these stretch marks disappearing. Not planning to have any more children but if I do I know there is a product out there that can make my skin look and feel youthful.
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This is one of the few collagen boosters I have come across that is all natural. It has no flavour which is great I just have it with water or even add it to smoothies. I have been taking it for a few months now and noticed stronger shiny hair and just overall feeling better. Well recommend to anyone. :)
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